Mahatma Gandhi Institute MGI How To Apply

Mahatma Gandhi Institute MGI How To Apply

Application Procedure
2.1 The Application Form

The application form can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website:

2.2 Application to Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs)
2.2.1 All applicants must also have applied for at least one full-time on-campus undergraduate
programme at a public TEI of their choice (listed under Section 8). This application must be
made as soon as the TEIs have opened their application windows on their respective websites.
2.2.2 Applicants need to submit the completed Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Application Form
along with documents as per Section 7 to their respective Nominating Agencies. This should
be done by a deadline to be determined by the Nominating Agency and communicated to
prospective applicants.
An applicant may either:

(a) obtain a conditional offer (letter of admission) from their chosen Mauritian public TEI and
submit this along with the scholarship application: OR

(b) submit an acknowledgement notice from a Mauritian public TEI that the application for a
seat has been made.
2.2.3 ALL candidates, irrespective of whether having opted for (a) or (b) above, must also submit
the fully completed Application Form and certified copies of the following documents as
part of their application to their local Nominating Agency:

(i) Birth Certificate;
(ii) Educational certificates and transcripts at secondary school level, or above;
(iii)Medical certificate to be filled and stamped by a registered medical practitioner in

SECTION SIX of the Application Form;
(iv) Copy of passport biodata page, if available.
1) Non-submission of the documents mentioned above, or incorrect or incomplete filling of the
application form will result in disqualification of the applicant;

2) The Declaration in SECTION FOUR of the Application Form must be signed by the

3) Academic certificates and transcripts, if not in French or in English, must be submitted along
with a certified translation in one of these two languages;

4) In SECTION THREE of the Application Form, applicants should indicate the title of up to
three (3) courses in a TEI, along with their course codes to which they have been admitted or for
which they have submitted an application for enrolment;

5) All applications should unconditionally be made through the Nominating Agency in the
country of citizenship of the applicant, along with the necessary supporting documents.

2.3 Application Enquiries
Applicants are advised to contact the Nominating Agency in their country of citizenship to obtain
details on the application procedure to be followed when submitting applications.