Swazi company BLZI offers bursaries to 15 vulnerable pupils

By | January 8, 2017

Swazi company BLZI offers bursaries to 15 vulnerable pupils

SWAZI owned company BLZI has invited vulnerable children from disadvantaged families to apply for bursaries for the 2015 academic year.
Director of the company Mlamuli Nxumalo revealed yesterday that they would be sponsoring 15 vulnerable children this year, and they would see them through to Form Five.
“As BLZI, we see that value of education and the number of children who struggle to pay the fees so we are offering scholarships as part of our Corporate Social Investment project.
Primary schooling was made free a few years ago but the need still remains for high school help hence we are looking for 15 pupils who will pay for until they complete high school. This also includes other school related costs such as books and exam fees,” he said.
The criteria of the scholarship is based on merit and need, meaning it only applies to pupils who have already passed Standard Five and have been accepted in Form One.
Nxumalo said the bursaries were, however, only open to pupils studying in government schools, and those who were accepted in private schools were not eligible to apply.
Potential beneficiaries of the project are required to provide Standard Five results, a letter from the headteacher from their former school attesting to their neediness or alternatively the rural health motivator (umgcugcuteli).

Who is eligible to apply?
g Swazi pupils who passed Standard five and in need of funding are invited to apply.
g The performance of the pupils will be monitored after they have been granted scholarships and disciplinary cases at the school could lead to the termination of the scholarship.
g If a pupil fails while enrolled on the scholarship list, they forfeit the funding for that year but are enrolled back after they pass.

What you need to apply?
g Provide Standard Five results (Interviews are based on
g A letter from their Headteacher/Umgcugcuteli attesting to the need and circumstances of the child
g A pupil will have to be accompanied by an elder to assist in collecting data on the applicant
g Proof of acceptance at a government school
g Details of fees for enrolment for 2015

Where to apply?
g BLZI offices are located in Mbabane, Dlanubeka Building First Floor office number 106D.
g Applicants can hand deliver their documents from today to Wednesday January 21, 2015 and will be contacted for interviews.
g Alternatively, they can book their interviews telephonically on 2404 6293.

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